A home inspector must have knowledge of older home construction and the issues relating to older materials and construction practices, however, just as important is being informed of future trends. The homes under construction today will impact the future of the home inspection industry.

Theresa is a member of the Solar Energy Society of Alberta and regularly receives updates from them and other organizations:

  • Canadian Green Building Counsel
  • SAIT (Green Building Technologies)
  • Home Power (monthly newsletters)
  • National Association of Home Builders
  • Energy Efficient Alberta (updates from the Alberta government)
  • InterNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors)

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their environment and how their choices impact it, MTG Inspections Inc. will support “green” choices by educating home owners and potential clients. The services provided by MTG will do just that—giving home owners the option of making their homes more energy efficient.

Thermal imaging

Photos are provided with each report. This is an important service as the photos can show areas of heat loss in order to help a home owner locate areas of change or improvement.

Mold Inspection

If you are unsure of a darker coloured residue in your home, it can be tested (and removed if shown to be mold), ensuring a safe environment. Other conditions may need to be modified in your home including moisture levels.

Green Home Inspection

This is a specialized home inspection that highlights features or areas of improvement to more “green” or energy efficiency choices. Please refer to our Feature Service.

Energy Audit

Assesses how much energy your home uses by testing through a variety of techniques and equipment, including thermal images, blower door test, and visual inspection. Your home can be tested prior to making changes and after to gauge the effectiveness of those changes. Note: blower door testing available soon.

Radon Inspection

Coming soon. Watch for updates on this page.