MTG Inspections will provide a report that addresses the condition of the following components:

  • roofing, flashings or chimney;
  • exterior (lot gradings, walkways, driveways, retaining walls, patios, decks)
  • structure
  • electrical
  • heating
  • heat pumps and cooling
  • insulation
  • plumbing
  • interior

MTG Inspections Inc. will make recommendations on any identified deficiencies for each of the features or components noted above that are included in the inspection, and anything else that is made part of the inspection.

Section 23 Home Inspection Regulation Service Alberta



“Green” Home Certification - the process is simple: download and print a copy of the checklist (click on the link below) and go through the worksheet, completing it to the best of your ability.

If your home rates low, upgrades will need to be completed prior to a final inspection. If your home rates high: contact MTG Inspections Inc. to come to your home and visually inspect it. This independent verification is a required part of the certification process.

MTG will then submit an application on your behalf and, assuming your home qualifies, you will receive a printed certificate in about a week. You can use this Certificate to advertise your home as Green Certified. When you contact MTG, your “Green” home inspection can be done in conjunction with our Feature Services (noted below).


Feature Services

MTG Inspections Inc.’s feature services were formed out of the personal values and choices of its owner. Theresa is diligent about reducing her contribution to landfills; including: recycling household items and construction materials (from her renovation company), donating to charities, composting garden materials, collecting water in barrels, and maintaining a water well and septic tank. Her personal goals include the installation of solar panels on her property. For many years, it has also been common practice for her renovation company to install energy efficient features. These experiences contribute to the knowledge that MTG can pass onto its clients.

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Do you want to upgrade features in a home you are considering buying?

MTG can provide you with a report and include the items that could be upgraded or changed—listed in a separate section of the report.

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Do you want to upgrade features in your home prior to selling?

MTG can do a full inspection with the purpose of highlighting features that can be upgraded or changed to make your home stand out in the housing market.

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Do you want to upgrade to energy efficient features in your home?

MTG can do a full inspection which also includes referrals to clients for quality materials, equipment, or parts that will ensure a long lifespan.


These specialized types of inspection go above the residential standards of practice. The list of recommendations in your report could include, but are not limited to, ways or features that could:

  • conserve water
  • conserve power/electricity
  • reduce airflow in and out of your home (see examples noted)
  • improve insulating qualities thereby reducing heating costs
  • improve longevity of a building and its structure

Examples of how to reduce your heating costs:

  • install programmable thermostats for furnaces and infloor heating systems
  • service furnace on a yearly basis, includes cleaning
  • replace furnace filters every 3-6 months
  • upgrade windows to sealed units
  • upgrade insulation in exterior walls when/where possible
  • install weather stripping on exterior doors
  • install storm doors (an extra layer of protection from cold or elements)